About Score!

About Score!

Score! was created after reviewing research, evaluating an 18-month pilot program and feedback from Victorians with disability, carers, health professionals and sport and recreation service providers.

Taking part in sport and recreation is a great way to feel confident, independent, connected and healthy. Yet, Victorians with disability participate up to three times less than people without disability. It’s been this way for too long. The barriers are well-documented and we know what we need to do to level the playing field. Score! is part of that answer.

Score! is all about making the connections and influencing change where it is needed so that we create supportive environments that mean Victorians with disability have an equal opportunity to participate in sport and recreation.

We Believe that:

If people with disability have the skills, confidence and power to express what they need to participate in sport and recreation; AND

know what opportunities are available based on their individual needs; AND

service providers embrace inclusive practices; THEN

everyone can take part in and benefit from sport and recreation.